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  • Sign up (click on Sign Up located on the right-hand side of the home page) and personalize your page and profile and then start adding videos, photos, blogs and lots more.
  • You can browse our Blogs, Members, Groups, Photos, Videos, Events, Forums, Leaderboards, Classifieds and start making new friends, participating in events and meets, etc.
  • Invite your friends by clicking on Friends – Invite on the right-hand side. When they sign up, they will be automatically connected to you and can instantly create their own profiles, and begin enjoying the MOTRface community. 
  • Explore and add videos, join discussions, upload photos, make friends and more. 
  • Read blogs from other members, organizations, racing leagues, car and motorcycle clubs, etc. and post your own blogs.
  • Search - We have lots of videos, photos, discussions, blog posts, events, etc. on MOTRface - and all have their own sections that you can visit by clicking on the tabs at the top of the home page. Once you are in a specific section, you can search even further by entering a key word in the Search box.Adding Your Own Content - When adding your own content, be sure to always add lots of tags, so that other members with similar interests can easily find your content. 
  • Events - If you have an upcoming track day, meet, ride, etc. just post it on our Main Page by going to "Events" and clicking on "Add an Event".
  • Groups - MOTRface hosts a wide range of groups and everyone is welcome to join as many as you like. Or you can even start a group of your own. Go to Groups and click on "View All" to see all of our MOTRface groups. Profile - To change something in your profile, open "Settings" and you will be on your settings page. To change which emails you receive from MOTRface, open “Email” on your settings page. 
  • Classifieds – you can sell your cars, motorcycles or other related items in our Classifieds section, for free! You can place text ads in the Free Classifieds category of our discussions, or you can add a video or photo with tags such as "for sale", "take over lease", etc. Please note, classifieds are a courtesy for our members to connect with each other to buy and sell cars and motorcycles, etc.  If you are a larger organization, car or motorcycle company, a retailer, etc. and would like to place an ad on MOTRface, please contact us at 
  • Settings – Click on “Settings” and under “My Settings” on the left-hand side, you will be able to manage your Profile, Privacy, Email, My Page and Connections settings.
  • Inbox – You can check you new messages, Compose new messages, check messages you’ve sent and more. 
  • Our goal – Our goal at MOTRface is to create the best car, motorcycle and motorsports enthusiast community in the world! We have visitors from around the world and it’s our members like you who are helping us create this. Invite you friends to make it even bigger and better. And if you see a particular video, photo, blog or discussion that you would like to share with non-members, just click on "Share" and pass it along. 
  • Friends - The best way to get to know the community is to click on lots of buttons and explore all the different areas. If you see someone who looks like they might be an interesting friend - send them a friend invitation. You can also find others with similar interests by going to the Members page and clicking on the advanced search. You'll be surprised how quickly you make new friends in your area and from all around the world. 
  • Applications - Personalize your profile page by adding fun new applications. There are over a hundred applications you can choose for your page, from games to news reports, to quotes of the day, and so much more. 
  • Redecorate - Personalize your profile page even more by moving your center column features up or down to the spots you like best.  Just click and drag. 
  • Showcase - If you have a video or photo that you would like us to feature, just leave a message for MOTRface Admin, and we'll be happy to add it to the rotation.
  • Report An Issue – if at any time you want to report any issue, just click on Report An Issue and you can let us know what the Type Of Issue is and Describe The Issue, and send it to us.

Advertising Policy

Advertising or advertorial content is not allowed in any of our member content sections. Any posts that we consider commercial will be deleted. Posts or photos about commercial products or services; notices about commercial websites; links in blogs or discussions taking readers to a commercial site, etc. are not permitted. The promotion of commercial products, sites or services is not permitted anywhere on MOTRface. The exception to this rule applies only to MOTRface sponsors, partners and advertisers who work closely with our MOTRface team to create special presentations for the benefit of our members, or who might add a quick announcement.

If you would like to place an ad on MOTRface please contact us at and we'll be happy to create a campaign specifically for you.

Should you wish to leave MOTRface (which we hope you never want to do!) just go to your settings and click on "Leave MOTRface".

Questions. If you have any questions about how to use something on the site, or would like to see a new feature or topic added, please feel free to email us at any time at all and we'll do our best to help!



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